Winter Plumbing Problems

Monday, August 19, 2019

Winter Plumbing Problems

As we get further into the winter months, there are several winter specific plumbing issues you could encounter. For residents in Northern VA, Marines Plumbing is here to ensure that you are set for winter and won’t run into any of these issues.

Frozen Pipes

When winter approaches, one of the first things you probably think about is your pipes. Unfortunately, pipes are very susceptible to freezing in the winter, especially when temperatures drop suddenly. The cold temperatures freeze pipes and cause the water flow to slow down or stop completely.

To help prevent this from happening, make sure your pipes are protected. At Marines Plumbing we will make sure all of your pipes are ready for the winter weather.

You don’t want to wait until you are without water or even worse, a pipe bursts!

Water Line Breakage

Another risk of cold weather is broken water lines. This can occur when a pipe bursts or when there is a blockage in your pipe. Especially in the winter, extra water can freeze within your pipe, leading to a complete blockage. You may not think of smaller water lines, but even your garden hose could burst!

If you don’t take care of blockage it can lead to a leaking pipe or complete breakage. If you notice any type of blockage or water line issues, call Marines Plumbing immediately.

Water Heater Failure

This is an issue that no one wants to face during the winter months, especially when the temperatures are below freezing. However, it is one of the most common problems Marines Plumbing sees during the winter.

With the cold weather, your water heater is working even harder during the winter months. Working hard puts a strain on the water heater that could cause a lot of issues, especially if the unit hasn’t been serviced or examined recently.

Make sure that you aren’t turning your water heater temperature down too low (saving money isn’t worth it if the unit breaks!) and that your pilot light stays on.

If you start to notice a lack of hot water or hot water that doesn’t last as long, contact Marines Plumbing. There is nothing quite like a cold shower after coming in from a chilly day outside.

These issues can be prevented by consistent plumbing maintenance, so make sure you are having a professional come out regularly, especially before the winter. If you do encounter any of these issues this winter, reach out to our plumbers in Manassas.

right away. We will come out and get you back up and running as soon as possible.

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