What to Look for in a New Bathroom Faucet

Thursday, March 11, 2021

There’s a lot to consider when you’re upgrading your bathroom faucets. You might agonize over the finish, fret about the footprint, and stress over all the new technology available, but when you hire Marines Plumbing for the job, we’ll have your back. Our expert plumbers will help you make the right choice for your needs without breaking the bank. Here are some things to consider when you’re looking for a new bathroom faucet.

Choose the Right Faucet Type

To know the type of faucet you need, you need to know the type of sink you have—or, specifically, how many hole openings it has. If you’re also replacing your sink, this doesn’t matter, because you can first choose your faucet, then pick a sink that it will fit into. On the other hand, if you’re using your current sink, you’ll need to make sure your faucet has the right footprint. Options include:

  • Single-hole faucets, which have a combined spout and mixing handle or lever. In some cases, these may have an option for a bottom plate that covers the extra holes in a sink with three holes. These types of faucets are often used in powder rooms.

  • Center-set faucets are made to fit three-hole sinks. They have two handles mounted onto a plate or a single lever.

  • Widespread mounts are so-named because they have eight inches or more between each of the handles; the handles and spout are three separate pieces. These have a high-end look that’s a good fit for a luxurious master bath.

  • Wall mount faucets are another high-end option. They are paired with a vessel or freestanding sink and have long spouts that extend out from the wall over the sink bowl.

Pick the Finish

This is where many homeowners struggle, believe it or not—there are so many options! One way to make things easier on yourself—and a good suggestion for anyone who’s particular about this sort of thing—is to match your bathroom faucet finish to the towel bar, light fixtures, and shower head or spout on your tub. This gives your bathroom a more cohesive, professional look. Also note that a brushed finish is easier to keep clean than a shiny chrome.

Choose the Right Style

Again, if you’re keeping other fixtures in your bathroom, the best approach here is to choose a style that coordinates. An exact match is great, but unless you have very distinctive fixtures, something that simply coordinates is just fine.

Consider Other Available Features

Do you want a low-flow faucet that helps you conserve water? One that is antibacterial? Or maybe you’d like a faucet that turns on at the wave of a hand? There are so many new technologies and features for faucets these days, you can spend days researching all the options! Before you buy a faucet, we recommend consulting with one of our expert plumbers—we’ll help you separate the truth from the hype.

Learn More About Bathroom Faucet Upgrades

If you’d like to get started on choosing your new bathroom faucets, contact us today at (703) 750-8706 to schedule a consultation with Marines Plumbing. We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners in Manassas, Fairfax, Ashburn, and Northern Virginia update their bathrooms.

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