Water Line Replacement

Monday, August 19, 2019

A few weeks ago, we talked about water line repair and replacement. Now we are digging deeper into the process for water line replacement.

If you live in Northern VA and your water line is damaged and you decide to go with a water line replacement, what will that process look like?


First and foremost, we have to survey the existing structure and plumbing lines. We will also look at the trees and utilities so that we can figure out what type of water line is needed and how to route it. From this, we can tell if the replacement will be partial or a full replacement. In the long run, it will be worth it to do a full replacement with the best material.


In order to replace the water line, we need to get access to the line. During excavation, we will expose the water lines that are going to be replaced. Depending on the location of the water line, we will do different things.

Main water line – we will dig a trench to access the line

Under foundation – we will have to pull up some of the foundation to access the line

Inside the wall – we will need to remove some of the wallboard to access the line


Before we remove the old pipe and install the new pipe, we need to turn off the water and the water heater. You’ll want to have some water set aside to use during this time. You can store water in containers, a bathtub, or get some from the store.

Once the water is turned off, we will remove the old pipe and place the new pipe, sealing it to the existing fixtures. After this has been done, we will turn back on the water.


After all of the prep work has been complete and the new pipe has been installed, we will finish up the replacement with a thorough cleanup.

  • Trench – we will fill it back in
  • Foundation – we will repair the slab
  • Inside the wall – we will patch and repaint the wall

While a full water line replacement is not always necessary, in some cases, it may be your best bet. Call Marines Plumbing today for an evaluation of your current water line. We can tell you if your water line is in decent shape, needs repair, or needs replacing.

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