Water Line Repair

Monday, August 19, 2019

When a water line breaks, there are two main courses of action you can take: repair the existing line or replace the existing line.

In this post, we will explain the process of repairing the water line and the benefits associated to it.

Damage Assessment

The first step, regardless of whether you go with a repair or replacement is to assess the damage. Call Marines Plumbing so we can come out and perform a pipe leak test.

As a part of the damage assessment, we will figure out exactly where the pipe leak is occurring. This may be as easy as seeing excess water on the ground. If there isn’t water visible, we will have to dig deeper to find the leak.

Based on the findings of the damage, we will recommend either traditional work or a trenchless repair.

Traditional Repair

With traditional repair, the first step is to dig into the property at the point where the pipe is leaking. If there is visible leakage, we will put an air hose into the pipe to empty out any remaining water.

Then a pipe that is smaller than the original pipe is inserted into the old one. It is inserted far enough into the existing pipe to get submerged under water.
In the space between the two pipes, we will put expanding urethan foam crack filler. The foam hardens, filling the hole between the two pipes.

The plumber then cleans up the excess foam and wait for it to harden. The last step is to connect the inner, smaller water line to the system and apply water pressure again.

Trenchless Repair

With trenchless repair, there is no digging done on your property. In addition, it can be up to half of the cost of traditional work.

Then, we create a resin to insert in the water line pipe. After inserting the resin via a bladder, it adheres to the inside of the pipe, thus filling the leaks.

Trenchless repair works on PVC, clay, and cast-iron pipes and is work that can be completed within a few days.


If your water line pipes are relatively new and the damage is minor, repairing the pipes will be a more cost-effective option.

Call Marines Plumbing Service of Manassas today for an inspection of your pipes to determine if there is any damage that needs correcting. Once we perform a full assessment we will provide our recommended course of action.

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