Waste Less Water

Monday, August 19, 2019

Now that we are knee deep in summer, you may be noticing an increase in one of your monthly bills. It is not uncommon for water bills to sky rocket during the summer months.

At Marines Plumbing, we know it is best for you, and the planet, to be mindful consumers of water. So, how can you waste less water? Here are the three things that Marines Plumbing encourages you to check regularly during the summer.

Leaky Faucets

One of the main culprits of water waste is a leaky faucet. It seems innocent enough until you realize that a constantly dripping faucet means a constant release of water that goes nowhere and isn’t being used. Make sure to keep checking all of your faucets regularly for active leaks or proof of an existing leak. It’s especially important to check those out of sight faucets, like guest bathrooms and in the basement. Fix leaky faucets as soon as you notice there's a problem.

Dripping Hoses

Whether it is watering the lawn and the plants, or a sprinkler party, our hoses get a lot more use during the summer. With their continual use during the summer, it is easy for them to not be shut off completely, especially if your kids have been using them. Be vigilant when turning of your hose after use to ensure that it is actually off. We’ve had customers who unknowingly left a hose on all night! Talk about a swampy situation the next day…

Running Toilets

Another household item that can lead to a lot of water waste is a running toilet. Do you hear your toilet running longer than usual? Or maybe there is an occasional ghost flush? If you think your toilet is running more than usual, it probably is! Just like with the faucet, a running toilet is simply wasting water, which results in higher than usual water usage charges. Consider repairing your toilet or replacing it with a low-flow model to conserve water.

Call Marines Plumbing Service today if your water bill is insanely high and you need to cut down on your water usage. We can check all of your home plumbing features to make sure there aren’t any secret leaks. This will save water and money!

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