Spring Plumbing Tips

Monday, August 19, 2019

Prepare Your Pipes For Spring With These Manassas Plumbing Tips

Spring has sprung which means it is that time of the year dedicated to cleaning in the home. The drainage system might have been taken through its paces and it will be a good idea to look for a Manassas plumbing contractor to inspect if everything is working correctly. Here are some plumbing maintenance tips that will help uncover problems and also ensure that the system is running smoothly.

Kitchen And Bathroom Plumbing

The faucets should be inspected for any drips or leaks. Call a certified plumber if you witness any leaks with the faucets to avoid damages and high water bills. The toilet should also be inspected as there could be hidden leaks. You can do this by adding food color to the main tank. You will know you have a leak if the color appears on the bowl after a couple of minutes. There should also be a visual inspection of the bowl for any leaks or cracks.

All drains need to have strainers in order to prevent debris, hair, and soap from clogging the drain line. You should also ensure the toilet is flushing properly as you could be wasting water because of a broken handle.

If you use hard water, the mineral deposits from the shower head will need to be cleaned regularly. This can simply be done by unscrewing and soaking the shower head in vinegar overnight. You can then wash it with a toothbrush to remove the sediments.


You can start by checking the water heater’s temperature settings. Ideally, the temperature should not be higher than 120°F in order to save on energy and also reduce scalding. The bottom of the tank will also need to be cleaned once in a while. You can do this by draining the water in the tank. This is done in order to flush out the corrosion which reduces the efficiency of the heating system.

It is recommended to replace a hot water system that is more than 15 years old because they might not be as efficient when it comes to energy use thus resulting in high energy bills. Hoses that are showing signs of weakness should be replaced especially if they have been used for a long time. You should go for stainless steel if possible as they are more durable.

General Plumbing Tips

You can check for exposed pipes in the basement or the exterior of the house. You can take a precautionary measure and invest in a flood alarms. The flood alarm will give out a warning when it comes into contact with water. You can inspect if there are slow leaks by taking note of the reading before you go to sleep. If there is a movement, chances are high that there is a leak.

Exterior Pipe Checks

You should make sure the gutters and drains are cleaned regularly. Look out for bird nests or any animals in the plumbing vent pipes. You shouldn’t be leaving anything to chance and you can check out https://marinesplumbing.com/ for more information.

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