Spring Plumbing Checks

Monday, August 19, 2019

March is here and it brings warmer weather, more daylight, and even greenery. Now that the harsh winter is over, there are several things in your home that need to be checked from a plumbing perspective. Here is a breakdown of all of the things we check at Marines Plumbing.


The outside of your home has been subject to some pretty harsh things this winter, including multiple days of freezing temperatures, several snow storms, and crazy weather that goes from hot to cold to hot again. Since the outside has been exposed to so much, you’ll want to pay attention to:


If you have external faucets, make sure to check them for freeze damage. Also check that the water flow is normal and not sputtering or low pressure.


Any outdoor hoses, especially those that were outdoors during the winter, need to be checked for dry rot and water flow. Make sure that water from the hose is flowing freely.


Clear out the gutters and downspouts of any debris. You could have needles and leaves among other things collecting for the past few months.


Outdoor pipes are susceptible to freezing and breaking. Check your outdoor pipes for signs of a leak and keep an eye out for leaks inside your house when using an outdoor hose or faucet.


Even though the inside of your home wasn’t as exposed to harsh weather, it could still be indirectly affected. Frozen pipes affect more than just the pipe itself. As a precaution, check the following indoor features:


Check all indoor faucets for drips or leaks.


Check all toilets for potential leaks, make sure to inspect the outside for any visible cracks, and check the flushing ability.


Check all the drains for draining capability to ensure there are no blocks.

Water Heater

Make sure your water heater came away from the cold months unscathed. If it is higher or lower than 120 degrees, adjust the temperature accordingly. Check for puddles of water, spots of rust. Call Marines Plumbing to come out and drain the sediment from your water heater to get it in top shape for Spring.

Sump Pump

Check that the sump pump in your house is working by pouring a few buckets of water into the sump pump.


Check all exposed pipes for leaks. Look under each sink for sings of water damage or standing water.

Head into the Spring season with no plumbing worries by scheduling a checkup with Marines Plumbing. We will come out and perform these checks (And more!) to make sure the Northern VA winter didn’t cause any damage.

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