Prepping for Winter

Monday, August 19, 2019

This year, as winter weather approaches, don’t find yourself stuck in the middle of freezing weather with frozen pipes. Frozen pipes are by far the biggest service call Marines Plumbing encounters in the winter months.

So, to help you avoid being one of these calls, here are some tips from Marines Pluming to help you prepare for the winter weather before we are smack dab in the heavy snow season.

1 – Insulate Pipes

Call Marines Plumbing so we can come out and hep insulate your pipes. Prior to insulating the pipes, we will have to drain them of any remaining water. This is not something that is easily done so it is best to leave it to the professionals.

2 – Fix Exterior Cracks

Cold weather can seep in through the smallest of cracks. Checking the exterior of your home for cracks and holes before the cold weather hits, is very important. If you do happen to spot any, make sure they get fixed, so you don’t lose interior heat.

3 – Seal Crawl Spaces

Within some older homes, there are ventilated crawl spaces that while have no affect other times of the year, may make pipes vulnerable to freezing. Any area that cold air can easily access has an increased risk of frozen pipes.

4 – Dripping Faucet

When you know it is going to be a cold night (aka the temperature drops below freezing), turn on your faucets that are on an exterior wall. Turning them on creates a steady dripping that can eliminate any built-up pressure between the faucets and ice. If a pipe does freeze, it is less likely to burst!

5 – Open Cabinets

Another creative way to try and ward off frozen pipes in your home is to open your sink-based cabinets. This is only necessary for cabinets against the exterior walls. Opening the cabinets allows more warm air to reach the pipes, helping prevent them from freezing or bursting.

These are five tips to do some home winterization to prepare your house for the frigid winter temperatures ahead. Call Marines Plumbing today for help with pipe clearing and insulation!

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