Hug Your Plumber in April

Monday, August 19, 2019

One of the biggest holidays in the plumbing industry is coming up next month! And of course, we know that all of you are well aware of this holiday and planning your plumbing related emergencies accordingly just so you can celebrate.

Hug your Marines Plumbing technician because …

Marines Plumbing fixed your frozen pipes! One of the biggest calls we get every year is to deal with frozen pipes, which are never fun. This winter has been especially hard because the weather has shifted so frequently and just last month we had several snow storms as well as a week that was incredibly cold (thanks polar vortex!).

Marines Plumbing gave you hot water! Winter is the worst time to be without hot water. After a day of shoveling outside in the snow, the last thing you want is to take a cold shower. Marines Plumbing replaced several hot water heaters this winter so that people were not left without water for long. Replacing a hot water heater is not something everyone should tackle themselves, but for a professional only takes a short time to install.

Marines Plumbing lowered your water bill! A lot of people don’t realize that if your toilet is constantly running (do you hear it running when no one is using it?), there is a bigger issue. First of all, it is going to jack up your water bill and secondly, it means there is an underlying issue somewhere. Luckily, Marines Plumbing technicians are really good at figuring out what is actually going on.

Marines Plumbing cleared that clog! Sinks get clogged, showers get clogged, and toilets get clogged. If you have young kids, you know that they are prone to shoving random things into places they can reach aka the toilet. Some clogs are easy to clear on your own, but others, especially in the shower or toilet can be really stubborn and require professional assistance. We were happy to help out with several stubborn clogs this year.

We gave you a new bathroom! At Marines Plumbing, we not only fix common household plumbing issues, but we also do small renovation projects. One of our favorites is bathroom upgrades – new tiling for your shower and tub, putting in a new toilet, or even updating the layout and taking that small shower and bath combo to a large dual head shower. These are the “fun” projects.

These are just some of the reasons to hug your plumber next month, though in our mind, hug a plumber day should be every day! Marines Plumbing is here for you and whatever plumbing situation you are going through. Call us today!

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