Historic Manassas, Inc

Friday, September 30, 2022

Historic Manassas Inc. is a non-profit organization that focuses on bringing visitors and business to downtown Manassas. It is located at 9431 West St, Manassas, VA 20110. Since 1997, it has invested over 60,000 volunteer hours into the revitalization of the downtown area. Its goal is to increase downtown tourism and business development through a variety of programming, including events and marketing.

One program that benefits the community is the Historic Manassas Farmer's Market. This event features a variety of vendors selling local honey, flavored oils, soaps, candles, and knit goods. In addition to providing local products, the market also supports the SNAP program by matching up to $10 of each purchase. Visitors can also check out the Manassas Museum, which features both temporary and permanent exhibits, including a Civil War-related exhibit.

Historic Manassas was a critical railroad junction during the Civil War. This important railroad connection was essential to the city's development and growth. The town has a rich history and continues to evolve. It also offers a great dining and shopping experience. For those looking for a fun and historic getaway, Historic Manassas is a great place to visit.

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