Children's Science Center Lab

Monday, July 11, 2022

Children's Science Center Lab Fairfax VA

If you're looking for an interactive museum, look no further than the Children's Science Center Lab Fairfax VA. Open seven days a week, this STEM-focused museum is Northern Virginia's only one. The center is located in Fair Oaks Mall. It's also open late, which makes it a great place to take a date night with your spouse. In addition to interactive exhibits, there are plenty of hands-on activities to keep kids entertained.

Northern Virginia's first interactive museum

A visit to the Children's Science Center Lab Fairfax VA will provide children with a wealth of educational activities and experiences. Activities range from building with big blocks to robotic arm building. In addition, a variety of hands-on experiences will make the learning process more fun and interesting. The museum has an interactive robotic arm for little hands to manipulate, as well as many hands-on experiments.


The new children's science center, known as the Children's Science Center Lab, opened Monday in Fairfax, Virginia. This hands-on museum is one of the first of its kind in the Commonwealth and features hands-on science experiments for children of all ages. In addition to the Experiment Bar, the lab also includes a science station and tablets with written instructions for activities. In addition, children can also sign up for a STEM Starter program, which is completely free of charge.

Open 7 days a week

Open seven days a week, Children's Science Center Lab Fairfax VA features a fun-filled interactive museum where kids can learn about different scientific phenomena. From building with big blocks to operating a robotic arm, the exhibits are sure to get the little ones' attention. It's a fun place to bring the whole family. Open seven days a week, it is worth the visit.

Located in Fair Oaks Mall

The Children's Science Center Lab is the first interactive museum in Northern Virginia. This new attraction features interactive exhibits and fun STEM programs, including a hands-on Experiment Bar. Children can also create their own experiments and bring their expertise home to their parents and teachers. There are four experience zones to explore, including a garage with a flex space for workshops and camps.

Opens in 2020

When the new Children's Science Center Lab Fairfax VA opened in 2020, it promised to be an educational experience for families. There are numerous educational activities for kids to participate in, including building with big blocks and robotic arms. Parents will be pleased to learn that children of all ages will have an enjoyable time at the new museum. Once it opens, families can expect to see the museum's exhibits and educational activities for the first time.

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