8 Routine Plumbing Maintenance Checks

Monday, August 19, 2019

8 Routine Plumbing Maintenance Checks

Much like cars, pipes and all your other household plumbing fixtures require regular routine maintenance. Performing routine maintenance checks can prevent major plumbing issues or emergencies down the line, saving you time and money.

Here is a sample of items Marines Plumbing will check for you during a routine inspection.

1 – Drains

We will check each sink, shower, and tub for draining capability. If there is slow draining anywhere, it could be a sign that some sort of backup in the pipe is forming. We will also check for any sign of bubbles or noises while the water drains.

While the drains may not be clogged yet, there could be buildup existing just waiting to prevent water from getting through. If there is any buildup, we will clear it to maximize the water flow.

2 – Pipes

We will look for exposed pipes and inspect pipes for any discoloration, which is an early sign of corrosion. In addition, as the winter months approach, we can check to make sure the pipes are properly insulated and won’t freeze.

3 – Leaks

We will check around toilets, showers, under the sink, and near the pipes for any indication of a leak. We will not only check for existing water, but also for evidence of a previous leak. If any indication of a leak is spotted, we will find the source and fix it.

5 – Kitchen Sink

We will check the kitchen sink for faucet leaks and garbage disposal leaks. We will check for any signs of water damage, especially under the sink. To ensure maximum water flow, we will thoroughly clean the sink drain and get rid of any buildup.

6 – Toilets

In addition to looking for leaks, we will check the toilet’s flushing mechanism and the flushes themselves. Toilets that aren’t flushing all the way are wasting water. We will make sure to test each toilet handle, making sure it does not stick or jiggle. After performing a flush, we will listen for lingering running water to make sure the toilet doesn’t continue to run signaling a bigger issue and water waste.

7 – Water pressure

We will check the water pressure in all the showers. If the water pressure is low, we will make sure there is not an issue with the water line or any sediment buildup. If the water pressure is high, we will make any necessary repairs to get it back to a safe and normal level.

8 – Septic and Sewer

If available, we will inspect the septic tank and perform pumping, as needed. We will also check the sewer main and perform preventative snaking, catching those pesky clogs before they can cause a stoppage.

If you live in the Northern VA area and have not had a routine plumbing inspection in the last year, call Marines Plumbing today! With our routine inspections, we make sure all your plumbing fixtures are in good health, which is especially important as the winter months approach.

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