5 Signs a House Needs Rewiring

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

5 Signs a House Needs Rewiring

Electrical wiring runs throughout your entire house. It keeps the lights working in your bathroom, the refrigerator running in your kitchen, the computer running in your home office, the television on in your living room, and the front porch light on, too. It is everywhere -- after all, that’s what modern-day living is all about, isn’t it? 

While the convenience is appreciated, the issue is that when the wiring throughout the home is faulty, it can lead to total destruction. A little flicker here or a little spark there - we dismiss these as minor electrical disturbances. But the truth is, something more insidious could be going on. 

The moral of the story? When your house starts giving you signs, you need to pay attention. Here are 5 signs that you may want to consider rewiring a house. 

1. Flickering Lights

Flickering lights can give your entire family the heebie jeebies. But before you call in the ghost hunters, take a look at your wiring. A good first place to start is to check your light bulbs. If they are loose, tighten them. Otherwise, you may have a wiring issue. When wiring is not functioning optimally it can’t always reach its destination. As a result, you get spotty connections and flickering lights. 

2. Phantom Burning Smells

Do you frequently smell something burning for no reason? Loose connections and faulty wiring can both cause little sparks. Sometimes, if they are close to an outlet they may burn the surrounding plastic. Other times these sparks can take place inside your wall. And while they may initially burn the plastic wire casing within the wall, they may someday cause an even bigger burn. 

3. A Tripping Circuit Breaker

It is normal for a circuit breaker to trip if it is overloaded. They are designed to cut off the flow of electricity to a source when the circuit exceeds the number of amps. The idea is that it stops an electrical fire before it can happen by discontinuing the power source. 

Older breakers may not work as efficiently. They may not be able to trip when they are overloaded - or they may do it too often for no reason. This may be a sign that you will lose the breaker altogether if it is not replaced. 

4. Electrical Shock

If you place a plug in your socket and get shocked, unplug it. This is not something that should be happening and it could be a sign that there is an improper earth grounding connection. You may need to consider house rewiring. 

5. Your Wiring is Old

Last, but certainly not least, old wiring is cause for alarm. The older your home is, the older the wiring is. And, homes today use a lot of electricity - way more than the wiring in an old home was designed to handle. 

Like anything, the electrical wiring in your home begins to break down over time. When it does, it can cause all sorts of issues. This could be very dangerous. 

Let Marines Services Co. Handle Your House Rewiring Needs

There are so many advantages of hiring an electrician when it comes to rewiring your home. It is most definitely not something anyone should try on their own. At Marines Services Co. you will get unparalleled workmanship, clear communication, and knowledgeable advance from a licensed and insured electrician. 

If you are ready to schedule your electrical work, contact Marines Services Co. at 703-672-7551 for an estimate.

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