5 Reasons to Love Your Plumber

Monday, August 19, 2019

February is the month of love. Every year, Hallmark and the flower industry successfully convince us to spend a little more time with and get something special for all those loved ones in our lives. (If you haven’t ordered flowers already, now is your chance!)

In addition to taking time to give a little love and affection to your loved ones, this month of love, don’t forget about the other important people in your life, like your plumber. Here are five reasons to love your Marines Plumbing service.

1 - We clean those hard to reach places

Not to be dirty, but some of the places we clean are really hard to reach. Your pipes and garbage disposals and toilets are not necessarily glamorous things. But, we are happy to do it!

2 - We are always there

At Marines Plumbing, one of our principles is always being there for our clients. We know that emergency plumbing situations arise at all times, including late night and in the dead of winter. We do our best to address any and all plumbing situations as quickly as possible.

3 - We fix your pipes

One of the biggest calls we answer during these winter months is frozen pipes. During this time of year, in Northern VA, it is so common for people to experience frozen pipes, especially if they did not winterize at all (which we also help with!). Luckily, Marines Plumbing is really well versed in not only preventing frozen pipes, but also fixing them after.

4 - We do other projects, too

Yes, we are a plumbing company, but did you know that we also do small kitchen and bathroom renovations? As much as we love fixing frozen pipes or winterizing your home or replacing your hot water heater, we also love creating a new space for you to enjoy. If you have been considering an upgrade to one of your existing spaces, let us know we’d love to help you out!

5 - We educate

In addition to making repairs and providing fixes, we always aim to provide education. Were your pipes clogged because you did something specific? Is there a way to prevent it in the future? If so, we will be sure to let you know. We want to give you the tools you need to prevent issues from popping up in the future.

At Marines Plumbing, we take our job very seriously and we want to ensure that our clients are always happy. This February, we want to send a little extra love to all our clients and remind everyone in the Northern VA area, if you have a plumbing related issue, call us today!

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