5 Common Summer Plumbing Problems

Monday, August 19, 2019

It is July and summer is finally here! During the summer months, some of your household appliances and features get more use than usual and they can start to show signs of normal wear more quickly.

1 – Leaking Washing Machine

More time outside means more dirt and stains and ultimately more laundry. Add in swimsuits and beach towels, you are doing laundry almost every day! With all that pressure on your washing machine, it is susceptible to hose issues, especially leaking. Make sure to pay attention when a load is running so you can catch sounds that are out of the ordinary.

2 – Sprinkler Malfunction

Over the past few years, a lot of Northern VA homeowners have opted to put in automatic sprinklers to make summer lawn watering easier. While these systems are convenient, they are susceptible to breaking over time. Additionally, it is not uncommon for the lawn mower to take out a head or two on accident. Prior to the summer watering season, we can check all of the heads for damage or the hoses for small leaks.

3 – Disposal & Toilet Clogs

Just like with the washer, the disposal and toilets are going to get more use during the summer with more people at home. With all the cookouts, some of the summer foods can cause damage to the garbage disposal, making clogs and breaks more likely. Try to avoid putting corn and watermelon rinds in the disposal.

If you have any type of clog that isn’t easily cleared, called us to come resolve it.

4 – Sump Pump Floods

One of the best things about summer is a midday thunderstorm. However, summer thunderstorms tend to come with short bursts of torrential downpour. When there is a heavy rain, water can flood into the basement and if your sump pump isn’t functioning properly, you’ll end up with a flooding problem.

5 – Sewer Line Backups

The rain not only affects the sump pump but can also affect the sewer lines. If there are any leaks, the rain water can into the sewer pipes and cause a backup. Pay attention to any water that comes in through your toilet or tub and call Marines Plumbing immediately to prevent damage.

Call Marines Plumbing today to make sure you are set up for a fun filled summer free of unexpected and unwanted plumbing issues!

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