4 Things to Check Before Your Vacation

Monday, August 19, 2019

At Marines Plumbing, we value the time we get to spend with our friends and family, especially during the summer. We know that you do too! If you are planning a vacation soon and live in Northern VA, make sure to follow these tips before you leave on your trip!

Shut Off the Water

One of the things we rarely think about before leaving is the water that goes into our homes. If something breaks or heaven forbid, a faucet is dripping, you could come home to a flooded home! Make sure to check all of the faucets and turn off the water, especially if you’re gone for an extended period of time.

Clear Your Garbage Disposal

We’re all guilty of not running our disposal as frequently as we should, but right before vacation is the time to make sure you’ve thoroughly run the garbage disposal. No one wants to come home to a foul smell that has been left to fill the entire house.

Check Appliances

Prior to leaving, take a look at the appliances in your home and make sure everything is functioning properly. Check your sump pump and other home regulating appliances, like your hot water heater, air conditioning, and refrigerator. Pay attention to wet spots/dampness that may cause an unwanted accident. If there is anything concerning, call us right away – you don’t want to leave it for when you get back.

Adjust Your Home Settings

While you are gone, there is no need for your heat or air to be running, especially when you aren’t at home to use it. Save on your utilities while you are away by adjusting your settings.

If you want to leave a few lights on to give the appearance that you are still around, put them on a timer so that you aren’t wasting electricity by having them on all day.

This spring and summer as you prepare for your vacations, make sure to follow our checklist so that you can have a worry free, relaxing trip. If you want to get a general inspection or checkup of everything before you leave, call Marines Plumbing!

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