3 Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom

Monday, August 19, 2019

As a plumbing company, one of the things we often help customers with is their bathroom remodel. While this may seem surprising, it makes a lot of sense: a bathroom remodel involves the plumbing and pipes just as much as it does the fixtures. In the Northern VA area, there are a lot of older homes that could greatly benefit from a bathroom upgrade.

Here are three reasons to consider a bathroom remodel project in your home.

1-    Increase functionality

More than likely, your existing bathroom does not really meet your needs. It was designed either based on a standard design or for someone else. While you can tolerate it, it is not ideal for you or your family. Tiny shower when you are really tall? We can fix that. Now is the time to make a change and make your bathroom work for you!

In addition to a flow that works better, replacing the fixtures can increase the efficiency. A new showerhead will produce better water pressure, while a different faucet could allow water to flow out more easily.

2-    Make it more visually appealing

Just like your bathroom was designed for someone else, it was also most likely decorated for someone else. Maybe you repainted it when you moved in, but some things you can’t change as easily. Those cabinets and countertops are harder to replace. If you aren’t thrilled with the overall aesthetic of your bathroom, we can help you pick out features that make you smile every time you see them.

Just because it’s the bathroom doesn’t mean it can’t be a clean and happy place!

3-    Add value

Upgrading your bathroom is a great way to add value to your home. Whether you are currently selling your home or thinking about it in the future, you can add to its current value by redoing the bathroom(s). In addition to updating the fixtures, bathroom remodels often include updating the plumbing and the pipes. Especially in older homes, replacing the plumbing is going to be a great update.

Bathroom remodels are great projects for any time of the year, so as the fall starts and the weather gets cooler call Marines Plumbing for a bathroom remodel consult!

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